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Subscribe now to get your own private server to access your E3 systems from anywhere (Email us for details). You’ll need your own AirConsole devices, an internet connection for them, and the Get-Console app for iPad or iPhone (a power supply and adapter cable are also recommened, (we can help with that too (additional fees apply))). The server provides a relay point to pass information back and forth between your connected panel and your iOS device. Optionally, you can also use the server’s web interface to establish a session via laptop.


To keep your credit card info secure, FCIProgramming uses a third party provider to manage transactions. Your card info is never stored or viewable by FCIProgramming. In the incredibly unlikely event that you wish to cancel a subscription, please email Airconsole is not UL 864 listed, so it cannot be left connected to a system. We recommend using it only when you have personnel onsite, as a way to view system status from anywhere in the building or to remotely support onsite staff.