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System Requirements

The Manipulator is an Excel template which works in conjunction with our Excel add-in (FCI Tools). You’ll need Windows 7 or newer, and a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer. We’ve done extensive testing on Windows 7, Windows 10, Excel 2010, and Excel 2013. There should be no issues with Windows 8/8.1 or Excel 2016. You’ll need CAMWorks 3.41.001 or CAMWorks 3.50.027 to create and download your programs. CAMWorks will also be needed throughout the programming process to make general settings changes. The Manipulator targets those areas of programming which are the most time consuming and labor intensive (SLC devices, CAMs, and Group Labels. ), so you can gain the biggest benefits by using it. If you’d like to see additional functionality, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


Fast & Easy Program Navigation

The Manipulator neatly divides the program into logical workspaces by placing items of a similar type in worksheets. All items of a type are available for the entire system on one sheet. No more clicking back and forth between nodes to find the device or CAM you need to work with. You can quickly filter on any value to jump right to the area you need to work on, even when that area may be spread out across multiple nodes (and Excel has some really top-notch filtering options). Find and Replace works on everything, with no limitations. For advanced users, there are several custom Excel formulas included, which open up the flexibility and power of Excel, and work wonderfully for advanced Find and Replace operations where the standard tools don’t quite meet the need. Combining our custom functionality with Excel’s built-in functionality, there’s basically nothing that can’t be done.


While there are very few limitations, those that exist do need to be mentioned.

  • User-Defined Devices: Limited support. They won’t break anything, but you can’t create or move User-Defined device types. They can be in the program, and you can change a device FROM a user-defined type to a standard type. You can also edit their groups or descriptions. The best way to deal with that at the moment is to just add them via CAMWorks, like usual, then re-extract to continue making changes.
  • CAMWorks 3.41.001 or 3.50.027 Only: Previous versions of CAMWorks are not supported.
  • Apollo Devices: Not Supported.
  • ANX-MR Nodes: Not Supported.

If any of these limitations are features that you’d like to see added, please let us know, and we’ll work on getting them added.